About Us

Lowcountry Health Solutions is a business run by real people for real people. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality of herbal remedies, teas, and hemp products on the market today. We also have a wide-range of spiritual gifts such as sage, incense, healing crystals, and more. 

How We Got Started

LCHS was created in 2018 by husband-wife team Yesica and Colin Marshall. We started out as a small kiosk in our local mall selling Hemp and Herbal products, and quickly grew into a larger store, and after the request of many customers, created our online store in 2020. 

Both of us had studied and used herbal and hemp supplements for several years prior to opening shop. Our goal was simple- to provide natural alternatives to pills, prescriptions, and other potentially harmful medications. 

Herbs and hemp products had helped us and our family with pain and inflammation relief, sleeping troubles, stress, and more. So naturally we wanted to share it with the world. At the time, there were virtually no herbal stores in our area. Since we opened we've focused on outreach, education, and providing quality service to our customers. 

How We Pick Our Products

Although we have a constantly rotating supply of products due to current harvests and available supply, we do try to keep our most popular items in stock year-round. 

We only sell products that we have personally tested and used ourselves. Everything that you see online is the result of over a year of feedback from our retail store customers, so they are guaranteed to satisfy. 

All of this being said, we try our best to satisfy all of our customers' needs. If there is a certain product that you would like to see us sell, we are more than willing to take it into consideration and try to find a supplier for it. 

Questions, Concerns, Comments...

We value your feedback! Check out our Google Page, Facebook, or Instagram if you would like to keep up with our latest products, let us know how we're doing, or recommend us to your friends!

Thanks for being a part of our community!

-Colin Marshall