First Things First. What Exactly Is CBD?

  • There's no question that there is a lot of buzz going around about CBD. You may have seen it here or there, and wondered what it exactly it is, and why it's becoming so popular. 

  •  Well, for starters CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants. CBD is short for Cannabidiol and is a naturally occurring substance that is used in various types of products such as oil tinctures, lotions, candy, vapes- The list goes on! 

  •  When taking CBD most consumers report feelings of relaxation and calm but CBD actually helps with so many health issues, and it is non pyschoactive unlike it's counterpart THC. 

No, CBD Will Not Get You High. It Is 100% Legal.

  • Yep, its true, CBD really doesn't get you high and it is completely legal. There are two main compounds in the cannabis plant, there is CBD and then there is THC.

  • CBD is the non psychoactive portion of the plant, meaning it won't change your state of mind, and you will not feel the same euphoric effects as you would with THC. However, CBD can help with feelings of anxiety, depression, and fatigue as well as reduce symptoms of painful conditions.

  • CBD is legal in South Carolina and has little to no THC in it (less than 0.3 %. It has such little THC that it doesn't show up on a drug test, but if you are really concerned we recommend trying out strictly CBD isolate verses full spectrum strains which do contain a tiny amount of THC

What Are The Health Benefits of CBD?

  • CBD is extremely healing and can really benefit just about anyone. Treating a slew of health conditions CBD is excellent for pain management. It treats a slew of conditions such as: Back pain, osteoarthritis, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, and even cancer. 

  • CBD treats Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Insomnia and even ADHD. It mellows out the nervous system so you're not in an elevated "fight of flight" mode constantly. There are two different types of strains, Sativa which is generally more associated with an energized, rejuvenated sense and Indica which provides a sense of deep bodily relaxation. 

How Do I Know If CBD Is Right For Me? 

  • There are two main types of pain, musculoskeletal and nerve. Depending on your certain condition, there is a CBD product that is right for you.

  • Figuring out what product you should take and how much of it can be tricky but that is why we are here to help guide you to what can provide the most relief for your specific pain point. When it comes to dosing, what alleviates one person's pain may not be strong enough for another. Overall, CBD is safe to try and might just be the best decision you ever made!

What Is Hemp and How Does It Work?

  • Hemp comes from the the plant cannabis sativa which has two species to it, there is marijuana and then there is hemp. Both contain CBD however, there is a much higher percentage of CBD in hemp and very minuscule levels of delta-9 THC (less than .3%). 

  • Hemp can be used in a wide variety of products, but mostly beauty products because it is full of healthy fats and it has moisturizing benefits. Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, and there are no cannabinoids (CBD or THC) in hemp oil.